Intricacies of “A little Lunch Music” with Dean Timothy Snyder

Gabriela Lovera

The venues selected for the “A Little Lunch Music” are unconventional for musicians. Interim Dean Snyder explains his rationale behind selecting the Davis College of Business as the performing location for the first concert of the series.

GL: Why did you select the Davis College of Business as the performance location?

TS: Ever since I came to JU in 2010, I’ve wondered what that lobby of DCOB would sound like with voices. With the balconies, with the tall ceiling, with all of the hard surfaces, I imaged it would have been very reverberant; very beautiful, so I selected pieces that exploited that sound world. Performing the songs at DCOB was natural.

GL: What was one of the biggest challenges in putting together this event?

TS: Deciding where to place the singers in the space was challenging, there were lots of options. That, and selecting music that would speak to people, were the biggest challenges.

GL: How do you think experiences like this contribute to professional development of music majors?

TS: I think it reminds the students that their art speaks to people on a very basic level. For all of us who do music we are so caught up in the practice, in the discipline, in the long hours, in the work, that sometimes, we lose sight of just the basic voice-to-heart communication.