JU athletics unveils anticipated new brand

Jacksonville University Reveals New Logo After Week of Welcome

Kamia Addison

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Jacksonville University unveiled new logo designs for its Athletic department.

The logo initiative was developed by Scott Bacon, JU’s senior vice president for marketing and communications.

According to Athletic Director Alex Ricker-Gilbert, the new logo was created to solidify JU as a brand.

“The idea behind it is quite simple,” Ricker-Gilbert said. “If you look at our former logo, the jumping JU dolphin and then the word mark that just says ‘Jacksonville,’ the font and the look of those two were not the same. If you have a student, or student athletes that were on the road playing in, say, New York, and one of them was wearing the jumping JU dolphin logo and the other was wearing a Jacksonville word mark logo, you would never be able to tell they were from the same school.”

The primary design features the JU logo including a negative space that arches as a fin. The secondary logo exhibits a dolphin with the words Jax under it.

The development process began in March 2018, and was accompanied by considerable preparation for campus-wide the reveal.

Theda Saunders, JU’s bookstore assistant manager, says that her experience was full of planning for the logo-reveal event.

“The university came to us over a year ago to inform us that the athletic logos were changing,” Saunders said. “We were under strict instructions not to leak or release the logos to anyone who was not a permanent member of our staff.”

In order for the bookstore to prepare for the new logo reveal, they had to submit the new logo to their general merchandise planners nine months in advance. Between the time they submitted the logo and the time the logo was being revealed, they knew they would lose quite a bit of their current stock.

A month before the announcement, the new merchandise had arrived. However, the bookstore staff couldn’t organize the products in the store since Athletics had not released the logo yet.

Athletics revealed the new logo on Sept. 4 at 12:30 p.m. in the Swisher Gymnasium. The JU bookstore gave free T-shirts to those who spent $10 or more on the new logo merchandise.

After all of the planning and coordination, Saunders feels elated to finally have the new products in store.

“It is very exciting for us to house the new logos,” Saunders said. “For me, personally, I love the look on customer’s faces when they come in and look at the logo for the first time.”

The new logo reveal featured a fashion show segment in which JU athletes walked around Swisher Gymnasium wearing new logo apparel. JU’s athletes are prime representatives of Jacksonville University’s brand.

JU students responded favorably to the design variations.

Craige Saxton, education major and football player at JU, believes that the new logos is not only unique but also challenges viewers to think beyond a simple design.

“Is a logo that you have to look at an understand because most people do not see the fin in between the ‘J’ and the ‘U’,” said Saxton. “I think is really unique how the logo hides the symbol.”

Aamahne Santos, junior basketball player, expressed his contentment with the new logos. He believes the change has positively impacted his team.

“I think we all like it a little better than the last one,” Santos said. “We are all excited about the new logos and how cool it will be to play on the new gym floor.”