Ashtyn Hiron finds her path



Senior Ashtyn Hiron concentrates during a lacrosse game.

Dominique Washington, Contributing Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Humans have a natural desire to learn. Some like to learn through books, while others seek knowledge by engaging with people. Jacksonville University senior Ashtyn Hiron is one of the unique individuals who seek knowledge by learning from others.

On March 1, Hiron was accepted into the broadcast and digital journalism graduate program at Newhouse, Syracuse University. Syracuse University has one of the best journalism programs in the country.

“I want to learn more about journalism as a whole,” Hiron said. “Being able to tell stories and seek the truth will help me and others gain a wealth of knowledge.”

Hiron is on the women’s lacrosse team. She is also a member of the Dolphin Channel and ESPN 3. Being so busy, free time is a luxury. However, whenever Hiron has a chance to relax, she loves to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Jacksonville with her friends.

“Growing up in Western Australia, I always enjoyed going to the beach,” Hiron said. “The beach always feels like home to me.”

Friend and ESPN 3 co-anchor Sara Wicks believes Hiron has what it takes to make it big in both broadcasting and lacrosse.

“I am so proud of Ashtyn,” Wicks said. “She is a great leader and always looks for the best in people. I have learned so much from her.”

Dolphin Channel member and junior Sylvia Dean was also happy to hear the news of her friend’s acceptance into graduate school.

“Ashtyn is a great journalist,” Dean said. “Her passion for telling stories of others will get her far.”

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Hiron dreamed of being able to experience the vast world. Fortunately, she has had plenty of traveling experiences.

“I love to travel as often as I can,” Hiron said. “I have been to Europe, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.”

Her love for travel and lacrosse brought her to JU. After almost four years attending JU, Ashtyn believes she has gained experiences that will help her succeed in life.

“I learned that everyone has a story worth listening to,” Hiron said. “Each story is a lesson. Learn from others because they bring a wealth of experience to the table.”

Hiron hopes to inspire people to always seek knowledge and the truth.

“People’s experiences can teach us valuable lessons.”