Kiana Blaylock


Gabriela Lovera

Kiana Blaylock poses in front of the dolphin statues.

Nariah Teixeira, Staff Writer

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Have you heard the name Kiana Blaylock? If not, today is your lucky day.

Blaylock is a young, hard-working woman striving for greater goals. Jacksonville University preps Blaylock with essentials needed to put toward her desired career in communications.

She aims to start campaigns that will help build her hometown, Freeport, N.Y. Growing up, Blaylock was exposed to various situations that went on in her neighborhood. Among them were issues of poverty, gang violence, and drug use. Blaylock knew then just how much she wanted to make a change in the lives of her surrounding environment.

“I want to help them,” she said.

Beyond her studies, Blaylock is a resident advisor. This occupation does not come easy, but it preps her for her future. The process of becoming an RA can be both frustrating and time consuming. First, you must submit an application, answering questions such as, “What are you involved in?” or “Why should you be a RA?” Then, applicants must complete an interview. The employer not only wants to see what you’ve answered through the questionnaire, but also wants to hear what you have to say. If you pass the interview, you are then eligible for the RA course, an eight week class that teaches policies and procedures. After completing the course, there is another interview in which you are asked about what you have learned. If you then pass that interview and you are given the job, the work only continues as you go into training.

“This is a learning experience. In training they stress this a lot,” Blaylock says.  “People are watching you. They hired you because they believe in you. You can’t just do whatever you want. You have to check yourself at all times. It’s a job that keeps me on my toes.”

Becoming a RA entitles you to a position that many people have mixed emotions about.

“When I told people I am a RA, people assume you are like the police. They say, ‘Ooh, you the Feds?’” said Blaylock.

Are resident advisors the bad guys?

“People are scared of the RA, but honestly, we are not perfect,” said Blaylock. “We are just held to a different standard due to the title given.”

Despite the debate over resident advisors as undercover police, Blaylock remains strong and puts forth her best effort.

“Kiana Blaylock is very self-sufficient and self-motivated,” said Briana Mitchell. “When a job needs to get done, she will get it done without a struggle. She is driven by her passion and love for journalism and she has no limits for the things she wants.”

Blaylock is pushing toward her future. With her occupation at hand, she is able to uncover obstacles that will prepare her for the path ahead. Problems will arise and people will judge her according to her position, but it is a learning experience that will provide proper guidance.

What can we learn from Blaylock?

“Life comes with obstacles, but nothing is impossible,” she said. “Work hard for what you want and it will come.”