Who’s Taking the Lombardi?

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Well folks it’s that time of year again. On Sunday, Feb. 6, Super Bowl XLV will pit the Green Bay Packers (13-6) against the Pittsburgh Steelers (14-4). The game will be held at Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Camel Clutch of Business Insider predicts that Green Bay will be victorious.

“The Packers have offensive weapons they have not even used yet, and they have new weapons they did not even know they had,” Camel Clutch said. “There is an unpredictability about the Packers that makes them difficult to game plan for, and it will make them difficult to beat.”

Electronic Arts, the video game company behind the famous Madden video game series, has a different opinion of who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy Sunday Night in Dallas. They believe that the Pittsburgh Steelers will come out on top.

“Based on a simulation on the game Madden 11 it shows the Pittsburgh Steelers beating the Green Bay Packers 24-20, due to a late interception by Aaron Rodgers,” said Brett Molina, reporter from USA Today.

Now personally I would rather take the opinion of a human being who knows what he’s talking about rather than what a computer simulation says. The article did also state “the simulation has been right on guessing who would win the Super Bowl for six out of seven Super Bowls”.

Admittedly, that is very impressive but did the clairvoyants over at EA take into consideration that the Steelers might be missing two important players this Sunday? Maurkice Pouncey and Aaron Smith are doubtful for Sunday. Both players are vital pieces in the Steelers formula for victory on Sunday. That being said, the Packers are at a disadvantage, as much as this pains me to admit, because the Steelers are experienced when it comes to the big dance, since the Steelers have played in the last game of the year 3 times in the last 6 years. The Packers, however, only have two players on their roster that have played in the NFL’s main event.

Of course no one will know what the outcome will be until the game is over. So on Sunday grab your remote, grab your buds, and grab your Bud Lights and tune in for what will likely be the most watched event of the year.