Local brew crafts environmental solutions


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Alex and Priya Moldovan, owners of Town Beer Co., cheering as they have a glass of locally crafted beer.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Its locally produced, freshly made, reduces carbon footprint and tastes great.

Since it opened its doors on May 27 of this year, Town Beer Co. sells locally crafted beer that not only reduces the carbon footprint of the industry but is also produced through environmentally friendly techniques.

According to its founders, JU alumnus (B.S. ’16, MBA ’17) Alex  Moldovan and his wife Priya Moldovan, Town Beer Co. has a unique model.

“Our model is to serve local beer in hopes to reduce demand for beer from elsewhere,” wrote Alex Moldovan in an online interview.

This project was envisioned by the couple, and Moldovan assures that several aspects inspired their project.

“I was a Brewer and Brewery Representative for Veterans United Craft Brewery for the past two years, which helped me develop an understanding from the production side of things, as well as retail,” wrote Moldovan. “Priya and I both have always enjoyed being involved in the craft beer industry and we were ready to make a career of it.”

Town Beer Co. took two years of planning and, besides dealing with budgeting and city regulations, the owners built the location by themselves from scratch.

“It’s certainly not an easy task to open a retail store for alcohol sales without food here in the South,” wrote Moldovan. “We had to request a waiver to reduce the required distance between us and a local church, we had to request a reduction in required parking, and we had to present our concept to the planning commission and building department before any build out could take place.”

Town Beer Co. seeks to contribute to the environment by promoting responsible consumption and reducing water and energy waste.

“The model for Town Beer Co. is quite strict,” wrote Moldovan. “It is mandatory that we only serve beer brewed in Jacksonville on tap and we only offer Florida brewed products in package. Our goal is to minimize our carbon footprint by only offering local products.”

In other words, Moldovan seeks to reduce the carbon emissions derived from out-of-state beer transportation.

Since Town Beer Co. only sells beer brewed in Jacksonville, its tap list changes quickly in a day.

“We make sure to rotate through every distributing brewery here in Jacksonville,” wrote Moldovan. “As soon as one beer kicks, a brand-new beer will replace it. You might see three new beers change during a single visit.”

Moldovan gets his products from local breweries such as Aardwolf Brewing Co., Bold City Brewery, Intuition Ale Works and Veterans United Craft Brewery, all of which also contribute to the environmental cause.

“Several breweries do their part to reduce waste by donating spent grains from the mash to local farmers as a feed filler for their livestock,” wrote Moldovan. “Breweries also take measures to reduce water waste by recycling and reusing the water that is used in processes that do not experience external contact.”

Other waste-reduction measures range from utilizing solar power for production to biodegradable packaging.

Moldovan assures that his time at JU instilled in him the ideals and principles that helped him start Town Beer Co.

“My degree in Sustainability completely changed the way that I view our universe and the way we inhabit it. The program gave me a drive to reduce the footprint of my entire existence,” wrote Moldovan. “After understanding this, my wife and I both agreed that we wanted to have a career that had some sort of larger impact beyond our efforts to capitalize.”

It seems that Alex and Priya’s hard work is not going unnoticed. Sustainability and Geography major Anthony Pardella keeps going back to Town Beer Co. for some freshly brewed beer and nice company, recognizing their efforts.

“I like the atmosphere, the beer, the company, the neighborhood,” said Pardella. “Alex has reinvested in the community that supported him, and I would like to help him continue that mission by supporting his business. Plus, it’s always cool to see someone in your major make use of their wealth of knowledge.”




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