Apple launches iPhone X


Johnny Villegas

Logan Wonn doing homework at his desk with his new iPhone X.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The iPhone X, also known as the “Ten,” is finally here, but is it one of Apple’s most innovative creations or just another addition to the iPhone series?

Some new features of the 10th anniversary iPhone X, released Nov. 3, include: a full 5.8 inch diagonal screen, facial (rather than thumbprint) recognition to unlock the device since there will no longer be a home button, and new and improved camera features.

Jacksonville University students have various opinions on how they think the newest Apple product is going to perform.

Stephen Williams, a film and theater major with a minor in communications here at JU, is excited for the new iPhone and all its possibilities.

“The only con with the screen is that it is all glass, which means the screen shatters very easily, but it is still very gorgeous,” said Williams.

Williams also looks forward to wireless charging with the company’s new Charging Pad. The device has the ability to charge up to three Apple items at one time, including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

The camera on the new iPhone is also vertical, creating possibilities for a stronger focus.

“The picture editing on my iPhone 7 Plus is great now, so I can bet the editing on the iPhone X is amazing,” said Williams.

Magyanis Ruiz, a math and physics major, thinks the iPhone X has a lot of advantages and disadvantages like every other phone. Along with Williams, Ruiz thinks the glass-on-glass screen is a disadvantage but not only because it may shatter.

“Because the new iPhone is glass on glass, people have to spend more money protecting both sides which is a big disadvantage,” said Ruiz.

Ruiz also thinks the facial ID used to unlock the iPhone X is something to be excited about. Facial ID is not new to phones in general, but it is new to iOS with secure authentication.

“The iPhone X has a dual 12-megapixel camera which is Apple’s fastest sensor, so pictures will have more definition and clarity,” Ruiz said.

Dorian Sullivan, a political science major, thinks the iPhone X is something to talk about.

The iPhone X has a new emoji feature, “Animoji,” which are animated versions on the beloved emojis. Animoji also gives the capability to create 3D custom versions of the emojis based on your expressions using the Face ID hardware.

“Although there have been apps that do the same thing, having the emoji feature built in to the hardware changes the game,” said Sullivan.

Sullivan said he isn’t looking forward to the full screen with no home button, but although it is not his preference, he says he understands the concept of having a full screen and being able to achieve more.

“I can imagine social media and gaming apps being very cool, and I am certain that text features will also be more enthusiastic than they are now,” Sullivan said.

In the end, Sullivan says the pros seem to outweigh the cons on Apple’s new offering.

“I feel like it’s a new age in technology, and it has expanded the idea of the cell phone and what its capabilities.”