Career Expo


Photo courtesy of Emily Asay

JU students Alex Delong and Pierce Klinic at the Career Expo hosted at the Swisher Gymnasium on Spring 2017.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.— You have probably read about, seen the flyer, or even received an email notification about the Career Expo.

Although all students know about this event, one not so common trait to it is that this year, for the first time, there will be one in both the fall and spring semesters.

Each year, Emily Asay, Assistant Director of the Career Resource Center, oversees the planning and organization of the Career Expo, which is organized for students at JU to meet face to face with employers for potential job and internship opportunities.

“When you are applying for jobs online, you are blindly applying to positions, and those recruiters are seeing so many resumes that yours becomes one of many,” said Asay. “But when you attend events like the Career Expo, you get to put your face to that piece of paper, which helps you stand out and makes your chances of getting invited to an interview greater. These events are really beneficial for just learning more about what types of positions are out there and what companies might be looking to hire either for internships or jobs.”

The Expo is not limited to any major. Asay encourages students from all disciplines to attend.

“We have employers for many industries who are going to be representing their companies,” said Asay. “This event is open to all current JU students and Alumni, and all majors.”

The Career Expo has always been organized during the Spring semester, until now.

“This year we are moving the Expo to the fall because employer recruiting timelines for internships and entry level positions are often in the fall,” said Asay. “They are mostly looking to participate in career events in the fall and very early spring.”

Besides gaining knowledge and interacting with employers, this year’s Career Expo comes with considerable upgrades.

“We are having professional headshots taken this year,” said Asay. “We have a professional photographer on site that will be starting at 10:30 am with the pictures, and you will be able to use those headshots for LinkedIn and your Handshake profile.”

Moreover, this year the event has two employers who will be recruiting students even if they are thousands of miles away.

“We are going to have two virtual employers, so Amazon and Southwest will be participating via video conferencing,” said Asay. “Students will have the opportunity to talk to recruiters virtually, which definitely opens up the opportunity for employers who are further away to recruit on campus.”

This year the Expo will take place in the Frances Bartlett Kinne Center, and will consist of over 50 employers and recruiters from around Jacksonville and the country.

Besides gaining knowledge on a company or program, students also gain confidence in their speaking skills when they speak directly with employers.

This is true for Stormm Phillips, graduate student at JU, who has gained enriching knowledge by attending the Career Expo.

“I gained confidence and relations from the career expo,” said Phillips. “I realized that my JU background made me valuable to local companies and that gave me the confidence to step into future interviews ready to shine.”

Asay encourages students from all majors to come to the Career expo, not only for a job or internship opportunity, but for the opportunity to learn.

“Just getting out, practicing your elevator speech, asking questions, and talking to a professional recruiter is a great experience no matter where you want to go after you graduate,” Asay said.

If you missed this semester’s Expo do not worry, there will be plenty more recruitment events to assist specifically for your own major, as well as the Spring Career Expo.

“We are looking to do smaller events in the fall,” said Asay. “You won’t see the big career expo again this semester, but what you might see is something that is a little bit more specific for the different colleges.”