La Nopelera Brings Little Mexico to Jax

Misha Khan

Jacksonville is a large city with an abundance of fine dining places, but one chain restaurant really stood out to me over the weekend.  La Nopelera is a Mexican restaurant with multiple locations in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, and even one in Savannah, Georgia.

I went to the closest location from Jacksonville University on 8818 Atlantic Boulevard. La Nopelera, is the perfect place for some tasty Mexican food and drinks, at least in the North Florida region.
La Nopelera is also an affordable and casual place. This makes it perfect groups of all ages including children. The restaurant does not offer delivery service but has take-out and all of its locations are wheelchair accessible with a welcoming friendly environment.

The location I went to on Atlantic Boulevard is small and does not have much of a waiting area. However, if you are twenty-one you can sip a drink or two while you wait, the restaurant is famous for their over-sized margaritas.

As far as ambiance is concerned, La Nopelera is quite busy and usually packed but the service is quick. Sparkly, colorful sombreros hang on the ceiling and the television plays Spanish cartoons.

Nevertheless, all of this comes second to their mouthwatering food. As soon as you are seated you are served with freshly made chips along with some mildly hot salsa dip. The menu offers a wide variety to choose from with various combinations and perhaps the best part of it is that almost everything is under ten dollars.

The highest priced items on the menu are fourteen dollars. You can always request the food to be mild or if you are a spice lover, then go for the extra sauce with your food. You will not regret it. The portions at La Nopelera are rather large and one thing I enjoyed specifically about their food was that one can taste the meat and savor its flavoring.

Their menu ranges from nachos, wings, and burritos, to combination dinners of salads, Mexican rice, enchiladas and tacos. The restaurant also has appetizing vegetarian options and plenty of beverages to choose from.

The restaurant is small and quite full on the weekends but it is family friendly and you will still receive excellent service. The restaurant really brings the hospitality and special Mexican cuisine to Jacksonville.

For college students looking for a reasonable eatery a little ways away from the usual fast food joint, La Nopelera is the place to be. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a good time and good Mexican food.

Some other locations of La Nopelera restaurant include 1631 Hendricks Avenue, 8206 Philips Highway, 14333 Beach Boulevard, and 11700 San Jose Boulevard.