Being Green Can Be Fun… Sometimes

The Navigator

“The Green Hornet”, a 3D action comedy that grossed $34 million it’s debut weekend, placing itself atop the box-office rankings, is what you would get if you crossed “Pineapple Express” and “Superbad” with “The Dark Knight”.  It’s not as lame as most would think and is actually sometimes quite fun, just as long as you don’t expect much out of it.

The movie follows Britt Reid (Seth Rogen-“Knocked Up”), a 28-year-old hard-partying slacker who resents his father, James Reid (Tom Wilkinson- “Batman Begins”), a wealthy newspaper publisher, for not being there for him and ignoring him during his childhood.  After a wild night of debauchery he finds out that his father died of an allergic reaction to a bee sting. After the funeral he meets a young man by the name of Kato. Kato, who is a skilled martial artist and mechanic, worked for Britt’s father by fixing his cars and making his coffee. They become friends and come to realize that they both hated James due to the fact that he never showed them any respect. They go out to vandalize a statue of James that was made in his honor. After vandalizing the statue Britt and Kato discover a young couple being attacked by muggers. Still under the influence of the alcohol, they decide to rescue the couple and succeed. Britt makes the suggestion that they should become superheroes and fight crime, believing that it will enrich their lives. Kato agrees and modifies Britt’s father’s favorite car with weapons and other high-tech gadgets, naming it “The Black Beauty”.  While fighting crime Britt and Kato discover that a Russian mobster by the name Benjamin Chubnasky (Christoph Waltz- Inglourious Basterds) wants to unite all the crime families in Los Angeles under his command. Of course as in every superhero movie ever made, Chubnasky wants The Green Hornet dead, believing that he is a threat to his master plan. As you can guess the rest of the movie has Britt and Kato fighting more bad guys and trying to stay one step ahead of Chubnasky, before he kills them.

“The Green Hornet” is a lot of fun. It has some very cool action scenes, especially ones involving Jay Chou’s martial arts skill and has some very funny one-liners from Seth Rogen. Unfortunately the movie had quite a few flaws, namely the story. Britt and Kato’s reason for becoming superheroes is selfish, making their characters very unlikable. Chrisoph Waltz’s lines consist of him complaining and not giving his character any sort of substance, and Cameron Diaz is just in the movie for eye candy. Of course if you put these factors aside you might find yourself having more fun then you thought you would. Remember its only January, I’m sure 2011 will have a slew of great movies coming our way. I give this film two-and-a-half dolphins out of five.