Bryan Jones

Arriving in theaters this February, DreamWorks new movie “I Am Number 4” is a story about John Smith (played by Alex Pettyfer), and the discovery of his hidden powers. Playing his girlfriend, Sarah, is Dianna Agron, with Callan McAullife playing his best friend, Sam. John Smith is also known as Number 4, the fourth of nine children brought to Earth from an alien planet. Number Six also plays a big role in the film, played by Teresa Palmer.
On Nov. 20 the director and stars of the film participated in a conference call to college and high school students throughout the country.

D.J Caruso-Director
[Operator] And at this time, I would like to introduce D. J. Caruso. Let’s go ahead and start with our first question. It’s from Zach Schwartz, Westside Story of West Boca Raton Community High School. What was it like to work with a duo like Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg?
[D. J.] It was quite an honor because you have two really different type of filmmakers, but both who are very successful and very, very astute in the craft. So, it was really, really helpful for me on one aspect to have sort of the traditional strong, storytelling element of Steven Spielberg and his use of sort of blending and special effects with real human stories and Michael’s expertise and really how to execute these sort of the vision and sort of how to blend physical effects with visual effects and really sort of kinetic sort of elements of the story where the action sequences take place. So, I was really blessed to have both these sort of iconic guys on my team. It was really a lot of fun and I definitely learned a lot. It was very educational.

Alex Pettyfer-Number 4
[Operator] I’d like to welcome Alex Pettyfer to the line. Alex.
[Alex] Hey, guys.
[Operator] The first question. Could you please tell us a little bit about your character, John Smith in the film?
[Alex] Yeah. He’s this guy who comes to a point in his life where he is faced with choice like any of us are and he has two roads and he can either pick to go down the road that he wants, which is all he wants is normality in his life or he has to go down another road where, you know, he essentially becomes this warrior that he’s destined to be and what makes this movie so great is that, you know, it’s such a real situation where, you know, he doesn’t want to be the warrior. He doesn’t want his destiny. All he wants is normal life, but he realizes that he has to go down that road to get everything that he wants.

Dianna Agron-Sarah
[Operator] On the line with us is Dianna Agron and let’s go ahead and begin asking you some questions, but to begin with, first, can you tell us a little bit about your character, Sarah, in the film?
[Dianna] Sure. What attracted me to Sarah initially was I felt that she had the qualities of somebody, you know, a character with an old soul and kind of the will and want to explore things outside of her town because she’s fascinated, as you’ll see. She’s a photographer. She’s fascinated with studying people and things around her not so much as being the studied and she meets this character, John, who is so fascinating to her because he’s open and real and different than any of the boys that she’s met at school and they form this very strong bond and this journey together and she realizes how strong she really is.

Callan McAulliffe-Sam
[Operator] Welcome to the call, [Callan McAullife]. Our first question is from Gabriela Stern Happening Now Everywhere of the A. D. Healy School in Boston. First, can you tell us a little bit about your character, Sam, in the film?
[Callan] Alright. Well, Sam is sort of the… He’s that kid that gets picked on a lot by the cool or the more popular kids at school and but because both he and John, is Alex Pettyfer’s character, They’re both outsiders in different respects. They both… They both bond and so I become his friend and then I follow him throughout the entire movie and annoy him.
[Operator] Okay and our next question is from Melissa Hoon with the Daily Titan of California State. What was the most difficult and most memorable scene for you?
[Callan] I would say the most difficult scene and the most memorable at the same time was there was a part where I had to jump away from an exploding door with Dianna Agron and there were these huge cannons on the other side of the door that had rubber glass, like transparent rubber to simulate glass and they had smoke coming out, and we had to dive at just the right moment or we would be showered… We’d be shot with this… these little rubber pellets, which would apparently hurt a lot. So, there was a bit of a dangerous aspect in filming that scene, but we got it right most of the time and, of course, after that if we got it slightly wrong, they’d have to clean up for about half an hour and clean us off and clean the floor off and reload the cannons and so that was quite a challenging scene, but it was definitely the most memorable.

Teresa Palmer-Number 6
[Operator] Wonderful and speaking of, could you tell us a little bit about your character, Number Six, in the film?
[Teresa] Yeah. Sure. So, I play Number Six and she comes from the same world as Number Four. They’re from the planet Lorien and she’s equally as intimidating as she’s enchanting which really makes her a force to be reckoned with. She used to surviving on her own and that makes her a very enigmatic and mysterious character and she tracks down Number Four so that they can form a team and they end up becoming a perfect weapon to defend themselves against enemy alien.
[Operator] Wonderful. Okay. Our next question is from Bryan Jones. He’s with the Jacksonville University Navigator and how did you get started in the film industry?
[Teresa] Look, I actually fell into it. I never actively pursued a career in the film industry. I was at school and I just had graduated and I met a director who was 18 at the time and he asked me to be in his movie and I shot the film in 2004 on like next to nothing budget and the movie had its premier at the Cannes Film Festival. So, it was really a snowball since that time and I met a manager at Cannes and he took me out to Hollywood and that was it.