The Children of Eden


Lose-Children of Eden-2The College of Fine Arts at Jacksonville University performed The Children of Eden on March 3 to 5, 10 to 12, and 13 in Terry Concert Hall. The musical is a retelling of the stories of Adam and Eve and Noah and the flood found in the book of Genesis. Stephen Schwartz, known for musicals such as “Wicked”, “Pippin” and “Godspell” wrote the music and lyrics.

The play starts off at the beginning when God created everything, including Adam and Eve. Much of the story is focused around these two Biblical characters.

The point of view and humor brought a new perspective to the Biblical story. Matthew Robertson, who played Adam, was a crowd pleaser. His infectious character constantly had the crowd laughing. Another crowd favorite was the second number of the play titled “The Naming.” Here, the cast acted as different creatures, slithering, jumping, and crawling up through the isles and onto the stage to be given their animal names by Adam and Eve.

The performance was directed by Kimberly Beasley, assistant professor of voice. She said in her director’s note in the front of the playbill, “In the end, I hope that you will take something away from this show, something you maybe didn’t think about before, something to discover, something or someone to understand more fully. There is no journey gone so far – so far we cannot change direction. No doom is written in the stars – it’s in our hands.”