Sugar’s Super Sexy Senior Semester

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Throughout our lives, we experience tough times and face difficult situations. However, we must continue to push through because there are so many lives we can touch and influence for the better. So make the choice to spend this precious time in college to grow yourself personally. Along the way, make a ton of friends and get some life stories under your belt.

So why has this semester been sexy? From the last semester to now, I have really seen the return on my self-investment. The time I spent growing has resulted in my artwork being in the student show and The Aquarian for the first time. My thesis work was also accepted into NCUR, which is a national stage to present undergraduate research. I was also asked by the dance department to design the senior choreography show poster last fall. I became the first veteran representative in JUSA, which was an amazing experience and honor.

How did this all happen and all at once? Well, that’s what it may seem like from the outside looking in, but in reality, it was the grand culmination of personal growth. All of those wonderful opportunities led to other wonderful opportunities. Ultimately, you must realize that people need what you have, so be sure to share that. To be quite honest, it doesn’t really do you much good if you’re the only person who knows how great you are.

Take some time to reach out to your peers and make some connections; I mean face to face, live and in color connections and not instatwitterbookgramchat connections. Keep in mind, social media interaction is a supplement but not a replacement. Have fun, and learn to love the process because that is where the real change takes place. It is in this time where you find yourself and become grounded. Lastly remember, be technically sound so you can be tactically brilliant.