Mad Matt: Gift Grief

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If you did not read my previous editorials, then I warn you to tread lightly as you read, and that any areas with —- are for you to fill in with whatever word makes you happy.

I would like to open this lovely piece of writing with if you give someone money as a gift you need to get out right now. That is probably the most inconsiderate —- thing you can do. That being said, this is basically what has been decided for the senior class as our option as a senior gift. If you are not a senior then you do not know what is going on so let me enlighten you a little.

A few months back, the seniors had the option to vote on a senior gift idea between scholarships and hammocks. All of the seniors I know voted for hammocks. How sick of an idea was that? But, that was not the option that won and we were told that our gift would be a money collection to “pay it forward” and give new students a —- scholarship.

Look at it this way; the last class gave us water bottle fillers and there are thousands of bottles saved on those fillers. That was one of the best gifts I have seen, but this idea is crazy. We are not even giving the gift to the school; it is to a student to pay the school. It is not even —- practical. If 400 to 500 seniors all donated $20, because let’s face it we are all broke from going here, that is only $10,000. That is —- chump change to go here! That might allow one student to go one —- semester here, or help 10 get a $1,000 scholarship. No one is going to remember the class of 2016 because we gave a —- scholarship instead of hammocks.

For all of the seniors out there, I feel your pain. Take ease in knowing your story is being told, as always.

Much love, Mad Matt.