JU elects Keller and Keeler

Alexander-JUSA-1The Jacksonville University Student Alliance (JUSA) held its election on campus for student officials in the upcoming term and the results are in. Adam Keller, junior theater major and graphic design minor, was named president with Danielle Keeler, junior nursing major, filling the vice president position.  The two were selected by a large body of student voters and will assume their roles starting in the fall of 2016. The pair will help to voice the collective concerns of students and look to make positive changes on campus along with the rest of the representative members of the organization.

The newly appointed president who served as Director of Student Affairs in the previous JUSA term, says he is excited for the opportunity to represent the student body and looks forward to more actively involving those on campus. Keller has also served as the fine arts representative in the past. The key to winning this election was through connectivity, he said, and that’s what he is hoping to keep pushing in the upcoming term.

“I’ve actually been campaigning for the past year,” Keller said. “I got my face out there every chance I got, and helped others as much as I could. Flyers, handouts, and buttons only go so far. You have to go door to door, to organizations’ meetings, talk to people you don’t know.”

The campaign process was almost a microcosm of the way he wants JUSA to engage in different areas of campus life.

Keller is adamant about the value and leadership skills that Vice President Keeler brings to the table, strongly noting her abilities as a blessing to the organization. He said that it is in the plans to get a united cabinet going and to really reach out to students through new committees in the next term. There have already been a number of strong candidates in the mix to work with JUSA toward bettering the student experience and that’s what has Keller really motivated.

“I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the names that came across the desk for those interested in JUSA. We are all already well-respected leaders in our right; JUSA just gets us into a room together so we can debate on how to benefit the students to the fullest degree through several initiatives and ideas. The thing about this administration will be the students’ voice will come first and our own personal opinions second. We won’t talk results; we will make results.”