Women’s lacrosse takes on Towson


The Dolphins took on Towson in a tough fight on Saturday, Feb. 13, which ultimately lead to a Dolphin loss. The game was a constant battle, never wavering in action. What started out as a two goal lead by Towson, quickly became a three to two lead by Jacksonville. After continuous scoring back and forth by the two teams, however, the first half ended with Towson in the lead by one. The second half was just as back and forth, and ended in a tie. With regulation time up, the game went into overtime where Towson came out on top with a score of 10-9.

Although a loss for the Dolphins, the battle was close and Jacksonville put up a good fight. The leading scorer for Jacksonville was junior Danielle Della Rocca. Rocca contributed four goals to the game. Going back to last season, in the last five games Rocca has accumulated 19 goals for the team.

Other key players in the game were Taylor McCord, Kaylyn Kearns, and Kristin Ridenour. McCord contributed to the team on offense with two assists. Kearns aided on the defense, having in total five saves. Keeper Ridenour then added to the defense with her three saves.

The Dolphins spring season is just beginning with games coming up quick. The ladies next home game is against Coastal Carolina on Feb. 28 at noon.