Mad Matt: Road Rage

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If you did not read my previous editorial, then I warn you to tread lightly as you read, and that any areas with —- are for you to fill in with whatever word makes you happy.

So as I roll through campus, I cannot help but get frustrated with all the people that apparently never learned how to drive. I don’t know about you, but even in the suburbs of Georgia we had to park to pass our driving test. There are so many cars that are incorrectly parked or not even in a parking spot that it baffles me how you afford all of those campus security tickets. It would be one thing if you only caused hardship to yourself, but your idiotic parking habits affect the rest of us.

My friend the other day said, “Matthew, I have so much trouble parking in the dirt lot by my apartment because these idiots cannot park in a straight line and take up extra space. There will be five cars in a row and then some —- parks crooked and takes up three spaces.”

I know there are not lines, but really, have some common courtesy. But even with those convenient little white lines that look like they could fit your car, people still —- it up.

And I will let you in on a little secret; you know that roundabout? It is not a parking spot. They took the lines out because so many cars were getting hit. But by all means, park there and take your chances. My steel bumpers, I assure you, will be perfectly fine. Also, do not park on the ends of the islands. It just makes it a pain to get out of the real parking spots. There is enough parking on this campus that everyone can have a spot; you just might have to walk a few extra feet. GASP! Exercise!

The moral of the story is that you live on this campus with other people. For all the good drivers out there, I feel your pain. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Much love, Mad Matt.