Local Lowdown: Ice Cream to the Fifth Power


Five f(x) is an ice cream shop, but with a slight twist. Customers are able to watch the glacier freeze and create their ice cream from scratch right in front of them.

First, Five f(x) gives customers the option of choosing the type of milk for them to use: whole, reduced, almond, non-fat, or soy. Next, the flavor is chosen. The most popular flavors are Nutella, mint chocolate, and taro flavors. The milk is then blended with other ingredients to create the flavor requested, all of which are poured onto a cold plate.

The cold plates freeze the liquid as they move and mold it into the ice cream. The choices don’t end there, as customers are also allotted a complimentary two toppings and waffle cone.

Although known for their ice cream, this isn’t the only thing Five f(x) offers. Their other popular item is their taiyaki, or Asian-style waffles. Taiykai is a waffle pastry shaped like a fish and filled with a cream. Their most popular fillings are Nutella and Bovarian cream.

“It’s all about fresh,” said Jay Yoo, owner of the Orlando location, in a May 2015 Central Florida Future article. “When people come to Five f(x), they’re getting the freshest ingredients, and we want to create that fun environment. It’s ice cream; it should be fun.”

The shop name was changed from Three f(x) to Five f(x). This was to represent the full meaning, since each F represents something different: fresh, fruits, fun treats, family, and franchise. The f(x) in the name is derived from the mathematical concept of functions.

The idea of the store originally brought them to their first location in Jacksonville in March of 2012. They have expanded to two new locations, another in Jacksonville and one Orlando. Along with these three locations, a fourth location is anticipated in St. Augustine.