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Left over Flex Bucks used to feed the homeless

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In three hours, Jacksonville University students donated approximately $2,200 worth of Flex Bucks to provide food to the City Rescue Mission as part of a program developed in the Fall 2015 semester. Sable Lee, senior sport management major and a leader in the creation of this fundraiser, thought of the idea after she and members of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee distributed blankets to the homeless downtown.

After speaking to some citizens, they expressed how much they missed certain things such as fresh food and certain, what they would call, ‘comfort foods,’” Lee said. “After brainstorming with Jack Burns, we came up with a plan on how to use extra flex dollars to help out our community.”

The food donated was immediately given to the City Rescue Mission. 

“They were extremely thankful and were very interested in further involvement with JU and our community,” Lee said. “I think the entire kitchen staff was amazed and shocked to see the quality of food that was dropped off. Chick-fil-A and fresh bagels were a favorite right away.”

Lee anticipates continuing the drive in the Spring 2016 semester, planning for a longer period of time than the two days of planning in the previous drive. Roland Stamm, junior sport business major, said they may hold the next drive over the period of several days.

This semester we are looking at ways we can provide more opportunities for people to donate in order to feed more people this spring,” Lee said.

Lee hopes that giving back to the Jacksonville community becomes a priority for the students.

There is a reason why Jacksonville University has such a great standing in the city,” Lee said. “We take pride in how important it is to serve the community who has supported us since 1934.”

Grateful for the generosity of the JU student body during the stresses that come with finals week, Lee said that since at least one person, family, or child was fed, it was a success.

It was so refreshing to see our student body put others before ourselves,” Lee said. “I am proud to be a Dolphin.”

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Left over Flex Bucks used to feed the homeless