Mad Matt: Madder When Hungry

As an opening warning statement to the start of these editorials: if you are easily offended, you should continue reading another part of this newspaper and not read editorials from Mad Matt. There will be no sugar coating in these ink stains; this is getting right into the meat and potatoes of some of the situations that unfold around me at the school that get me hot under the collar. Please feel free to be creative with any areas that you see —- because this does have to be a censored article. I hope you enjoy your tour through my thoughts and ideas, and if our aggravations align, then you know you are not alone.

Earlier in this newspaper, you were elegantly informed of an effort to find a way to get rid of all of those wasted Flex Bucks we never use and put them to a good cause instead of “disappearing.” To start, I 100 percent agree that this was for a good cause in feeding the less fortunate, and I myself volunteer my time when I can.

With that being said, here is the rub, because the best of intentions when done wrong can lead to begrudging and aggravation. This plan was implemented on a Wednesday at noon in Einstein’s bagels. Let me repeat that —- noon in —- Einstein’s! So not only did these people choose to host their donation drive midway through finals week when people still need their Flex to eat, but they also decided to do it at one of the busiest times of the day for that location.

So, if you were not there you might be thinking to yourself, “I think Matthew is over reacting, and what is another five minute wait for the hungry?” Well, I wish you were correct in that logic, and I think that is what the creators had envisioned as well. The —- that ensued though was anything but that.

As I walked into Einstein’s after my morning final for that day, I saw the line was to the coolers. That is normal for lunch and I had some friends to talk to. I soon realized something was different. Why were we moving so slow? Was it a new cashier or something like that? Then I was informed of the donation going on. As I watched, people would go to the register and order their food, then reorder for the donation and would take their —- sweet time as they said “I’ll have five of those, a case of that, and some of those. How much do I have left?” The cashier would then have to type it all in and tell them the remaining balance. This process would not only repeat until some people were down to one dollar, but was also multiplied across many people! To rub salt in the wound, they were selling out of items as we stood in line. One girl was not five people from the front when they said they were out of a product, and she literally said “—- this I am done” and walked out.

It took me a touch over an hour to put in my order. By that time, the line was out of the doors. What about those trying to get some grub right between their finals, or even before their first final for the day?

If you had to deal with this, then I feel you and hope you find ease in these words. If not, then you have been warned if they are trying to plan this for the current semester.