JU holds off Kennesaw State: Win 83-70


JU men’s basketball team took on Kennesaw State on Thursday, Jan. 14. Within three minutes of the start of the game, JU was up 12-5. As the first half drew to a close, Kennesaw began to catch up to the Dolphins. With five minutes left in the first half, Jacksonville’s lead diminished to a single point. The momentum quickly began to pickup again, however, and the Dolphins ended the first half strong with a 43-37 lead.

The second half consisted of many fouls for both teams. The Dolphins got into foul trouble early, allowing Kennesaw to get into the double bonus earlier than usual. Despite the foul trouble, the Dolphins fended off Kennesaw and ended the game in a victory of 83-70.

The victory was in part due to a strong showing in rebounding the ball. The Dolphins led in rebounds with 52, outpacing Kennesaw, who came away with 35. A strong performance on both the offensive and defensive side helped to give the team a lot of extra opportunities. Jacksonville showed this with 20 of their 52 rebounds taking place on the offensive side.Bradley_Basketball (1 of 4)

Offensively the Dolphins did well shooting. Senior Kori Babineaux led the team with 21 points, making it his seventh game this season scoring at least 20 points. Along with Babineaux, three other players reached double digits in points, contributing greatly to the victory. Down in the paint, the Dolphins also beat out Kennesaw with 36 points to their 28.

The victory put the Dolphins at a record of 9-10. But thanks to a victory over Lipscomb not long after the Kennesaw State game, the JU men are now 10-10.

The next game for the Dolphins will be an away game against the New Jersey Institute of Technology and will be the first time the teams have matched up. To watch, tune into ESPN3 on Thursday, Jan.21.