Dolphins 5-0


Approximately two and a half hours before kickoff, Jacksonville University captured the hype of the game in a single Facebook post.

Tonight, under the lights for the first time, the Jacksonville Dolphins go for 5-0. 

Moments later, in front of approximately 6,000 people, the Dolphins had the opportunity to live out their mantra.

“Our motto this year is ‘be legendary,’” said Daryl Norwood, freshman running back. “So far this year we have done things no other JU team has done and we just want to keep the momentum going and be one of the best teams in the school’s history.”

The 2015 homecoming turnout exceeded expectations, with such a large number of people that onlookers had trouble finding a suitable place to stand with an opening to watch the game. With a turnout of approximately 6,000, the amount of people did not go unnoticed by the team either.

“The support by the students and the families played a big part in our domination in the game,” said Emoni Williams, freshman wide receiver.

Sophomore wide receiver Pernel Rattray and freshman running back Larenz Scroggins also thought the crowd turnout played a big role in the team’s performance, though the game did end up being a blow out.

Since 2011, the Dolphins started their football season with a loss. This will be the first time in fourteen years that the Dolphins have gotten past the second game before a loss. The record before was in 2001 with a 4-0 start.

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