Where Do the Jaguars Go From Here?

Owner Shad Khan Expresses His Faith in the Current System

I don’t even know where to begin this week. In my last column I called for Jaguars’ head coach Gus Bradley to be fired even though there are others that disagreed with me. But after the way the Jaguars lost to the Houston Texans, it is tough for anyone to argue in favor of Bradley. Or is it?

Are there some bright spots and signs of improvement on this team? Yes. But is there any reason to believe that the Jaguars are heading in the right direction? Not in my opinion. However, Jaguars’ owner Shad Khan seems to believe otherwise.

In a recent interview with Connor Orr of NFL.com, Khan expresses his opinion of his team’s current state and shows that he still has faith in the men in charge of the Jaguars.

“I think that Gus and Dave Caldwell have done a lot of heavy lifting,” Khan said. “We’re to the stage now where we’ll be seeing some of the results.”

The Jaguars have definitely shown progress in certain areas this year, particularly within the offense. Blake Bortles has displayed great improvement from his 2014 rookie season and wide receivers Allan Robinson and Allan Hurns have emerged as some of the better young receivers in the league.

This still doesn’t change the fact that the Jaguars have produced just eight wins in the Caldwell/Bradley era. The Jaguars have just one win this year and, according to Caldwell when he was hired, this was supposed to be the year that Jaguars made a postseason push.

The improvements also don’t do anything to ease the pain of the fans that have expected improvement in the wins column. The Jaguars’ fan base has become very irritated with the performance that they have seen in 2015 and rightfully so. You are expected to win in the NFL and that’s the stance that the fans take.

But if you’re a Jags fan expecting a drastic mid-season change like the firing of Bradley after the game in London, I wouldn’t hold your breath. In the same interview with Orr, Khan showed that he shares in the fan’s frustration, but displayed his patience in the process and commitment to Bradley.

“I’m very, very optimistic and believe in what they [Caldwell and Bradley] are doing,” Khan said. “It’s frustrating and maddening at times, but if you know football, regrettably it’s the right thing to do.”

Let’s hope that his faith in his general manager and head coach proves to be correct, because I can’t think of a situation in which fans are still willing to buy tickets for a 2016 season if the Jaguars finish the 2015 season on the path they are on.