Get off the bus, Gus

Bradley’s Performance in Question After Devastating Loss

Get off the bus, Gus

Brandon Sugar

Brandon Sugar
The Jaguars showed that they are once again the typical Jaguars that we all want to forget with their latest 16-13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts. The abysmal second half performance not only forced out any faith the Jaguar faithful had, but it also put a fire under Gus Bradley’s seat as head coach of the team.

As all NFL fans know, they don’t necessarily have a direct effect in the decision to fire a head coach but if they get loud enough, the front office will hear them.

The Jaguars hoped that David Caldwell and Gus Bradley would be the turning point for an organization that tasted victory and playoff success early in its existence. The question being asked now is, “Are these two really the answer?”

The jury is still out when it comes to Caldwell, but I have to get behind the rioters in their quest to rid this organization of Bradley. In fact, I should be the leader due to my criticism of Bradley stemming back to the end of last season.

I know that Gus is a nice guy and that players “love to play for him,” but he does not have what it takes to win as a head coach in the NFL. This is evident by his 8-28 record through two years and some change in Jacksonville.

I want to see emotion out of my head coach. I want to see him rip into a player for making a careless mistake. I don’t want to see a mob in the middle of the locker room attempting to pillow fight after a win. This is the NFL, and you’re supposed to win.

Through only four games, the Jaguars have forced their fans through a roller coaster of emotions and I think that the fanbase has had enough. They’re tired of giving into the preseason hype. They’re tired of being let down by a team they love and they’re tired of losing games in which they should have won.

This happened again against the Colts, bringing their record to 1-3 on the season and leaving the fans wondering if they were going to get any of the progress that had been promised to them in the offseason.

After taking a 13-10 halftime lead and filling he souls of Jaguar fans everywhere with hope, they failed to score a point in the second half, and in doing so, lost to a 40 year old quarterback that hadn’t made a start since the 2012 season.

While there were some good things to come out of the game against the Colts, the overwhelming feeling was rage toward Bradley after the loss. There comes a time when the good things just can’t outweigh the negative, no matter how good those things are.

While I hate the idea of having to start over with a new regime and the questions that come along with the change, I don’t know if have what it takes to continue with a known loser. Bradley hasn’t shown any progress and fails to leave any hope that he can progress one day. For that reason, I believe that it is time for Gus to take his bus on out of town.