Dolphin Radio revamps room and station


Dolphin Radio hopes that they have something for everyone. Rock, country, sports, and even a Spanish talk show, are just a few of the options provided by the station. Many people work at the station to provide the JU  community with a radio broadcast show that fits their way of life.

The staff of Dolphin Radio has completely redone their image.

“We have to start from the bottom to get here, like Drake,” said Jerail Fennell, station manager.

Starting with the inside of the studio, the staff moved a sofa into the main room so guests can sit and watch what is going on in the studio. They brought in a mini-fridge so they can have refreshments and feel welcomed. They have also hung records on the wall to add to the décor.

“I want people to walk into the station and think, ‘this is someplace where I want to spend some of my time’,” Fennell said.

This year, the station will be covering a lot of new music, but still keeping up with the top 100.

“We’re trying to stay trendy with the top 100. So if you see it in the top 100, you’ll hear it here,” Fennell said.

Fennell also has been doing a lot of work trying to get in touch with celebrities. Actor Marlon Wayans and singer Traci Braxton are two of the notable celebrities that have been welcomed at the studio. He also plans to bring in comedians.

Since Pandora, Spotify, and iPods are some of the most popular ways to listen to music now, Dolphin Radio made a change. They now video record their interviews to post online. Students who do not prefer to tune in to their radio can still catch the interviews.

The entire station is web based now, and students can tune in regardless of where they are in the United States.

Students can find the Dolphin Radio at to listen and contact the station.