New Season, Same Results

Jaguars disappoint (again) in opener

Every year Jaguars fans think that the worst is behind them and that their beloved team has started a new chapter in program history, one that includes progress and wins. After watching the Jaguars week one game against the Carolina Panthers, it appears that those fans will have to continue to wait.

The Jaguars put on a pathetic display week one, losing 20-9 in an ugly game from both teams.

All off-season we have heard that the defense was going to be the strength of this team and it wasn’t week one. All off-season we have been told that the offense was going to run the ball. Starting running back TJ Yeldon only had 12 carries in the contest and instead Blake Bortles threw the ball 40 times in the contest.

Fans have been told a lot of things this off-season and not much of what they had been told came to fruition. It’s like the Jaguars are the politicians of the NFL. Telling us one thing and then doing something completely different or taking their sweet time honoring their promises.

The week one matchup featured poor performances from both teams, and the Jaguars lost because they were the team that made the most mistakes, which is the worst way to lose. At the very least lose because the Panthers beat us.

Some of those mistakes are mistakes that the fans have seen before. Blake Bortles threw a pick-six on the first possession of the second half. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns both had drops that could have converted third downs into first downs. Hurns fumbled inside the redzone ending a drive that could have been ended with points. Newly appointed kicker Jason Myers not only missed a 44-yard field goal, but he also missed an extra point leaving four points on the table instead of on the scoreboard.

It’s becoming incredibly frustrating to watch the Jaguars, cover the Jaguars as a member of the media and be fan. The time is now for head coach Gus Bradley to get this team ready for gameday. We’ll see if he’s able to do it in week two against the Miami Dolphins.