The Jags Must be Players in Free Agency

The Jaguars had another horrible season in 2014, winning only three games and adding to the misery that all Jags fans feel year in and year out. Jags fans have been plagued with losses for more than a decade now, but much like the new growth that comes with the spring time, so does the excitement of Jags fans during the early months of the year.

With the beginning of a new year comes the rejuvenated optimism within close Jags circles as the combine finishes and people look toward the draft. This year is no different, and although the Jags are looking at another dismal year, we are still super pumped for what lies ahead of the organization.

What makes this year so exciting is that fact that the Jags have more cap room than any other team in the league. This essentially means that the Jaguars can open their checkbooks to try and bring the best talent to Jacksonville. Well, Shad Khan is the one that will be busting out his checkbook and if General Manager David Caldwell is smart and wants to remain employed, Khan will be in the early stages of carpal tunnel.

The question is whether the Jags have the appeal to bring in the names and talent that we’ll need to be competitive. Sure, we have the most money to spend and while some players such as Ndamukong Suh are playing for money, most of them are playing to win and let’s face it, the Jags are a long ways from winning consistently.

Khan’s annual “State of the Franchise” address described his vision for the riverfront Shipyards next to the stadium which will help, but at the end of the day winning is everything. The vision is also a long shot as it would cost the taxpayers much more in annual taxes and we already whine enough about what we are currently paying. There are too many moving parts for the renovations of the Shipyards to take place and Jags fans can’t put faith into that possibility.

With that being said, the Jaguars better find a way to bring in the talent that we need to win. We the fans are sick and tired of losing and the only way to get more butts in the seats is to make a strong concerted effort this year in free agency. If you are reading this Shad Khan, I have included my top 10 free agents this year that I think the Jags should make a push for. I’ll be more than happy to clear my schedule to consult with David and Gus if you deem it necessary.

  • Devin McCourty (Safety)
  • Julius Thomas (Tight End)
  • DeMarco Murray (Running Back)
  • Randall Cobb (Wide Receiver)
  • Justin Houston (Linebacker)
  • Jason Pierre-Paul (Defensive End)
  • Mark Ingram (Running Back)
  • Pernell McPhee (Linebacker/DE)
  • Ndamukong Suh (Defensive Tackle)
  • Dez Bryant (Wide Receiver)