2015 Class Gift

Hydration Stations

As a way to give back to the university, the Class of 2015 has chosen their gift. Hydration stations will be installed around the campus, offering Brita filtered water for water bottles, cutting down on environmental and financial costs. Of the 150 students who participated in the survey, 69 chose the hydration stations.

“Hydration stations will not only help JU, but also our planet,” said Karen Jackson, professor of biology and adviser for Green Key. “Bottled water is expensive to produce and distribute, and too many water bottles end up in landfills. Early donors to the class gift with a minimum donation of $20.15 will receive a water bottle to use at these hydration stations.”

Each station will cost $1400, and the class hopes to install three to four of them around campus. Jackson encourages students to donate and talk to their friends about donating.

“All the emails, flyers and notifications in the world are no match for the face to face ask,” she said. “If you believe in giving back, if you believe in leaving a place better than when you found it, if you love JU, ask your friends to donate to the class gift.”

Though the Class of 2015 will be graduating, Jackson believes the class gift is important to the value of their degree. She reminds students that JU is not a place where students are for four years, but for a lifetime.

“JU makes you a Dolphin for life,” she said. “Alumni participation in the life and growth of a university is invaluable, whether in time, treasure or talents. The tradition of a class gift, found on many campuses, starts the pattern and habit of giving back.”

The class gift is sponsored by the Green Key Leadership Society and the Student Alumni Association. Information about the class gift will be coming to all graduating seniors in their graduation packet, Jackson said.

“JU is about to become your alma mater–loving mother; and who doesn’t love their mother?”