Valentine’s Day: Love It or Hate It?

Editorial Inspiration for Enjoying the Holiday

Love It? Or Hate It?

If you love Valentine’s Day, you will find inexpensive gift ideas for your Valentine because no two Valentines are alike. If you hate Valentine’s Day, maybe you think it’s a commercial made holiday to capitalize on people’s emotions or don’t have a Valentine, there are still options to have fun with the holiday. I recommend hosting an “I Hate Valentine’s Day Party.”

This is for the Valentine’s Day Lovers, fourteen different gift ideas for fourteen types of special someone’s.

  1. The Romantic One- Inside Picnic. Lay out a blanket and pillows to sit on the floor. Dim the lights or light some candles and have a picnic basket filled with their favorite foods.
  1. The Artsy One- Paint him or her a picture. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something personal. You can YouTube a tutorial on how to paint something special and go to Michaels for canvases, paints and brushes for good deals.
  1. The Chocolate One- You can’t go wrong with Ferrero Chocolates or Lindt Lindor Truffles and a nice card. You can find these chocolates and truffles and a nice card at Walmart, Publix or even Family Dollar.
  1. The Candle One- Bath and Body Works. They have a wide variety of candles and scents and are currently having a sale, two medium candles for $20 and three mini candles for $12 and you can mix and match.
  1. The Movie One­- Stay in. Rent their favorite movies from Redbox- $2 max for each movie or Blu-ray, or buy a couple of their favorite movies they don’t own yet at FYE. With Peterbrooke chocolate popcorn 6 oz. for $ 8.50, all you need now is a blanket to cuddle under.
  1. The Writer One- A nice journal and pen with a personal note written on the first page.
  1. The Sentimental One- A glass sentiment frame with a picture of the two of you and a nice card.
  1. The Flower One- Instead of roses or one particular flower, think flower arrangements that are less expensive. does same day delivery and is ranked Best Value Online Florists.
  1. The Wine One- White Wine: Total Wine in the St. John’s Town Center- Yellow Tail Pink Moscato-$5.49

Red Wine: Total Wine in the St. John’s Town Center: Vina Siegel Cabernet  Sauvignon Reserve-$11.99

  1. The Scent One- Their favorite cologne or perfume. You should know what they like.
  2. The Book One- A $25 gift card to Books-A-Million or Barnes and Noble, or buy their favorite book.
  1. The Music One- Get Creative. Write a poem about how you feel and ask a music major if they can turn it into a song. A special song written just for that person is something they can cherish forever. You can even sing it or have someone sing it to music.
  1. The “Over Flowers” One – Edible Arrangements and thoughtful note.
  1. The “I Don’t Know” One- You can’t go wrong with a teddy bear in their favorite color, a heartfelt card, balloons and their favorite chocolates.

These are just suggestions to show you that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Just be creative and put some thought into your gift.

Now for those of you who hate Valentine’s Day, I suggest you throw an “I Hate Valentine’s Day Party.” These are fourteen things you will need.

  1. No Dates.
  2. Make a dart board full of red and pink balloons and take turns popping them.
  3. Everyone brings their favorite candy.
  4. Rent a couple of romantic movies for movie bashing.
  5. Hate romantic movies too much to stomach them for bashing? Rent something full of violence and action instead.
  6. Get a heart-shaped piñata filled with favorite candies and take turns smashing it.
  7. Everyone bring their favorite dish because you will get hungry.
  8. Make a creative “I Hate Valentine’s Day” Banner
  9. Every time someone says the word Valentine, they have to tell their most embarrassing Valentine’s Day story.
  10. Everyone wears black.
  11. Everyone bring your favorite refreshment.
  12. No flowers.
  13. Someone bring Twister.
  14. Make Homemade I Hate Valentine’s Day Cards.

Whether you are a Hater or Lover, there is something for everyone on Valentine’s Day!