Rhythm in the River House Pub

A Review of Jacobe King’s Jan. 22 Performance


JU music business major, Jacobe King, pianist Jazzmin Galmore and guitarist Skyler Dicchoy perform live music in the River House Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.

Its one thing to be able to sing, but to have the voice and stage presence is what makes a true artist. Jacobe King, sophomore music and business major, showed that on Jan. 22 at the River House Pub.

Even though he was the opening act, King performed two songs: Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and Jill Scott’s “The Way,” while showing off his writing skills by performing an original song he wrote himself called “Favorite.”

King, dressed in jeans and a colorful shirt with a gold chain, was accompanied by the band Grade 13, which features Skyler Diachuy on guitar and background vocals, Paul Jackson on bass, Aaron Jennings on Drums and Jazzmin Galmore on the keyboard. Grade 13 were decked out in all black with matching red bow ties.

The band and singer complemented each other, showing the audience this was not their first performance together. King said that he has performed with the band before and that he enjoys sharing the stage with them.

The singer also showed off not only his voice by hitting all the right notes of all three songs and that he can project, but also showed that he has stage presence by moving around while singing, talking to the audience, and having audience participation by teaching the audience a part of the chorus and having them sing it back to him.

The stage seems to be a natural fit for King, who has been singing since the age of two. He admits that the credit goes to his mother, who heard him singing in the back of the car one day and encouraged him to pursue his talent.

His mother was right, because King brings a fresh sound of alternative R&B while performing a mixture of cover songs with originals. King gave the audience the opportunity to hear some of their favorite songs, but also new and fresh material.

When asked how he describes himself as a person, he said he was introverted at first until you get to know him. But as an artist he has a style that is fresh, diverse and original like his two influences and inspirations, Donny Hathaway and Beyoncé.

King admitted that he wanted the audience to leave with great stories, memorable songs and the ability to relate any song he performs to a situation they might be going through.

King is an artist that wants to be relatable to his audience. His advice to young artists is that every artist should have a plan and never go into any situation blind; it should be a well thought out process.

That is why King is focusing on the music at this time and not so much on trying to get a record label. He says that is the end goal that every artist strives for, but right now he is independent. Still, that does not mean he isn’t releasing music. He is working on writing and recording an EP that will be coming out next summer.

When he is not writing or performing at The River House Pub, the Atlanta native likes to go back to his hometown and play at open mike nights. But the River House and open mike nights are not the only performances the artist has under his belt. Last year he opened up for Mario and JoJo for the Fall Concert at the amphitheater in October.

King  dreams of playing the Wimbley Stadium in London, England and the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York. Who knows where is dreams make take him, as he performs for not only the love of music but also for the audience’s reactions, seeing their faces light up when they hear that familiar song.