The Jags’ Current Direction

When the regular season came to a close in the NFL, so did the season for the Jacksonville Jaguars. After another disappointing season, one in which the Jags were only able to muster 3 victories all season, the boys in teal packed up their lockers, wondering what the future would hold for them.

One person who didn’t last long was offensive coordinator, Jedd Fisch. In what was considered a smart move by some and a dangerous move by others, head coach Gus Bradley dismissed Fisch from his duties with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

In two seasons with the Jaguars, Fisch’s system wasn’t able to translate from the University of Miami to the NFL. His offense in both seasons in Jacksonville were among the bottom dwellers of the league and, at times, made us out to be the punching bag that many defensive coordinators needed mid-season. But does this warrant his dismissal?

Many critics might say that without a doubt, Fisch had to go and the Jaguars had to move on to the next chapter of this offense. Others, much like myself, think that having second year quarterback Blake Bortles learn his second offense in just as many years could be a tall task for the young QB, especially with a very young and inexperienced offensive line.

No matter how you feel about the situation, the decision was made and we now have to look to the future of the Jaguars. There are several candidates that were quickly attached to the opening, but have since been negated as possible candidates.

Greg Roman, who is the former OC in San Francisco, took the same position in Buffalo under newly appointed head coach Rex Ryan. Marc Trestman, who saw his tenure in Chicago come to a screeching halt, has seemed to fade away. So has Kirby Wilson, the running backs coach in Minnesota.

Several new names have seemed to make their way into the discussion as it seems that David Caldwell and Gud Bradley will be taking their time to make the right decision.

Could it be Rick Dennison, the QB’s coach from Baltimore or Randy Fichtner, the QB’s coach from Pittsburgh? Perhaps the Caldwell, Bradley duo will look a different direction and bring in someone like Tom Cable, the offensive line coach from Seattle, a program that has a close relationship with Jacksonville.

No matter what path the Jaguars decide to take in regards to the OC position, the suspense will give Jaguars’ fans something to talk about for weeks leading up to the draft.