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Jacksonville University’s Aviation Program located in the Davis College of Business (DCOB) offers two aviation majors along with business and management skills.  The Aeronautics program was founded in 1983. It has done a lot of growing since then and is now the Division of Aeronautics.

There are a variety of hands-on activities when it comes to flight training.  JU uses state-of–the-art equipment and technology to assist the aviation management and flight operations students.

Associate Director of Aeronautics Brent Knoblauch said that airline management students can create their own virtual airlines through special simulation software.  Airlines also donate and design computer programs for computer-based training.  Flight students who need to be in the cockpit can experience the real thing with hands-on training in a real aircraft.

“Our flight students train using the state-of-the-art Cirrus SR-20 aircraft, one of the most technologically advanced aircraft in flight training,” said Knoblauch. “We also use simulation devices at Craig Airport through our training partner’s Aerosim Flight Academy.”

You may have heard from someone taking flying lessons that they are really expensive. Tuition for the aeronautics program at JU is just the same as any other degree but also gives you skills that you can use on any job, as well as flight costs that help you receive your certifications and ratings.

“The cost for each course varies depending on the length of training, type of certificate, and type of aircraft used,” said Knoblauch.  “For our flight students, our partner Aerosim Flight Academy offers preferential hiring towards JU graduates to become Flight Instructor’s to build their flight time.”

The center plans on offering business management to aerospace engineering firms right here in Florida.  The aviation program even offers post-graduate aviation certification programs, development courses, aeronautical seminars and workshops.

If you have been thinking about a future in aviation you may like the idea of the many different career choices it can bring your way. Consider being an air traffic controller, an aviation executive or even a professional pilot the next time you want to jump into a rewarding and exciting career.

“Aviation is among the most rewarding career paths offered at Jacksonville University,” said Knoblauch.