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On Upcoming Events

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Pasley

Photo Courtesy of Kenneth Pasley

Coming off of a wonderful week of events, we at JUSA knew that our work didn’t stop there. With most of our efforts being put towards the Tobacco Free Campus Panel Discussion last Tuesday, the student body was able to hear varying views on what direction future campus smoking policies should take.

As the director of public affairs for JUSA, I felt as though it was needed to have each and every possibility discussed. With a touchy subject of this caliber, students have the right to know what is being conversed with this policy.

The background work leading up to this event reminded me why I loved my job so much. As a communications major, putting events together is always a fun, yet challenging task for me to do.

Since the closing of the Tobacco-Free survey, JUSA’s marketing focuses were set to promoting Fright Night, to be held on Thursday Oct. 30. Fright Night is an event that will be produced by Dolphin Productions, JUSA, Campus Outreach, as well as the River House. It will consist of a haunted trail behind the River House, along with a JUSA sponsored costume contest inside of the River House with a live DJ. Other features include pumpkin carving with Campus Outreach, and specialty drinks in the Pub.

Promoting this event, I wanted to do something a bit further than a banner and flyers. I decided to film two commercials to share through social media in order to get the word across.

In this day in age, with visual art being an important medium, I felt that this was a wonderful time to utilize it. By producing two commercials, the event will be promoted secondarily through word of mouth. I credit the Dolphin Channel for giving me some of the knowledge that was necessary in creating these commercials.

The next event that JUSA will be focused on is the upcoming Autism Walk, taking place on Saturday Nov. 8 at the Jacksonville Landing. Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. and the walk will commence at 9:30 a.m..