Nation’s Top Golfer

JU Junior Franck Medale

Battling the flu is hard. Battling the flu and leading your team to victory while setting school records for individual low rounds is something only the nation’s top golfer can attest to.

Junior Franck Medale, who led the Dolphins to victory at the Donald Ross Intercollegiate Invitational and set school records while doing so, was also battling the flu.

“After signing the scorecard and handing it to coach [Mike Blackburn], I apologized for being sick and couldn’t play better for the team,” Medale said. “I went to the van and just crashed. I had to sit down.”

Medale hadn’t the slightest clue of the round he had just put together when he handed coach Mike Blackburn his scorecard, but what he handed over was a school record seven under par. It also served as the launching point for the Dolphins tournament victory.

“I could have shot an 88 on each on each 18, [holes] and it would’ve felt the same way,” Medale said.

His hard work and determination to finish was rewarded when announced that he is the top ranked golfer in the country. He is followed in the top five by Maverick McNealy of Stanford, Ollie Schniederjans of Georgia Tech, and All-Americans Lee McCoy  of Georgia and Charlie Danielson of Illinois.

He has been the driving force behind his team and a huge influence on his playing partners, said head coach Blackburn.

“Franck was the first to go to the campus bookstore and buy a JU belt,” Blackburn said. “The next day everyone on the team bought one.”

If his most recent play battling the flu is any indication as to how the rest of the year will turn out for the Dolphins, they should be in great shape.

“When the bell rings and it’s time to compete, his focus narrows,” Blackburn said. “He’s a gamer.”