“Should Jacksonville University Become a Tobacco-Free Campus?”

JUSA Survey, Available on DolphinLink through Oct. 20, to Determine the Answer

Photo Illustration by Christina Kelso

Years in discussion, a hotly debated question concerning the future of JU’s campus has made it to the polls.

“Should Jacksonville University become a tobacco-free campus?”

Whatever student’s answers are, it’s time to share them, said Prince Gyau, vice president of the Jacksonville University Student Alliance.

“It’s important that, whether you are for it or against it or don’t care, [you] make sure you fill out the survey,” Gyau said.

The two-minute, anonymous survey is available through DolphinLink or at www.surveymonkey.com/s/jutobaccofree2015. All faculty, staff members and students are encouraged to fill it out before the Oct. 20 deadline.

Some students have complained that the survey’s existence suggests that a tobacco-free JU is a foregone conclusion. Gyau insists that JUSA will act only according to an overwhelming consensus.

“We want to make sure that everybody’s concerns are put into consideration,” said Gyau. “Depending on the student input, we will push for whatever they want.”