Volleyball Team Beats Campbell

The Navigator

Aggressively across the court, the Jacksonville University Women’s Volleyball team proved to Campbell, their rivalry, that they knew who they were coming against in the home finale at Swisher Gym on Friday, November 5.

Fans were screaming, “Let’s Go JU,” creating an atmosphere overwhelming pressure for the players who knew that they must not let their fans down.  The gym was packed with several students and parents who came out to support JU or Campbell.

“It was fun and filled with excitement,” said graduate student Unique Singleton. “I really enjoyed the game.”

After losing five of their six conference matches, the ladies played their best game in the home finale.

“Towards the beginning the game was intense, but we became confident and beat Campbell,” said Jessica Hurtado, junior from JU.

The first set was 25-17, the second 25-22, and the third 25-20.  This showed how competitive the overall game was.  For each quarter, fans were patiently waiting to see how much the team had improved throughout the season and if the girls were playing their best.

“The game was pretty intense overall because the energy level was high,” freshman Shannon Tapscott said. “The setting showed how much people love volleyball and I think the fact that there were a lot of people was comforting for the JU volleyball team.”

This game helped the JU girl’s volleyball team leave the gym on a good note believing that even though they may have lost a few times, this win means there is hope for the next game.  It encouraged the girls to be very confident, especially knowing that their fans are there for them.

“It was great that the student body was able to come out to support JU’s girl volleyball team, but students should come out to all the games no matter how important it is,” said Andy Cecil, play-by-play commentator and senior at J.U. “Overall it was a great game to send the seniors out on.”

As tough as the other team may have seemed, the girls made sure that they went on that court ready to accomplish the goal, which was not only to win, but also to leave a bright memory.  In the end they beat Campbell 3-0, and walked off the court with the song, “All I do is win,” playing in the background.