Paranormal Activity 2: A Fragile Fright

Misha Khan

“Paranormal Activity 2” released on October 22 and just like its predecessor, has the intention to scare people enough warrant sleepless nights. The movie made number one at the box office on its opening day and finished its first weekend with total gross earnings of $41, 500, 000.

“Paranormal Activity 2” stars Brian Boland and Sprague Grayden as happily married couple Dan and Kristie. They live with their teenage daughter, Ali, baby son Hunter, and their faithful German shepherd Abby. After a series of events in the beginning of the film Dan decides to install security cameras all over the house.

As the movie goes on these cameras record all the strange occurrences in their home. The movie does a great job piecing together why demonic forces in Paranormal Activity 1 tormented Kristie’s sister Katie and her boyfriend Micah.

The movie shows a day-to-day account of Dan and Kristie’s life and may seem a bit dull rather than daunting at times. This is presumably because director Tod Williams wanted the scary moments to be spaced out.

He chose this format in order to really frighten the audience and get under their skin. The fewer the moments, the more unexpected they are and the scarier they become.

Of course the movie has that one person who refuses to believe in ghosts until someone he or she loves is possessed. Dan, the father, throughout the movie pays little attention to what his wife, daughter, and even his housemaid are saying.

Paranormal 2 took many aspects from its prequel and tried to build up the fear slowly and cautiously. However, I would recommend watching the movie with a larger crowd just to stay interested. There are many parts in the movie that seem to merely be dragging it along.

Still, the movie does do a fairly good job filling in the blanks from the first movie but fails in its ending. One has to wonder if there will be a third movie.

Overall, “Paranormal Activity 2’ is not the greatest thrill ride but it is a ride that will slightly scare you and make you think about what really is making the door creek in the middle of the night. I would give this movie 3 dolphins out of 5.