One-Man Show: DP Brings Circus Act to JU


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A unicycle, a jump rope, and fire. Michael DuBois uses all three simultaneously, shocking the audience with his abilities. DuBois is Solo Circus, a “fast-paced, audience interactive and technical skills variety show featuring an all-original presentation magic, juggling, circus and sideshow stunts all wrapped in a blanket of comedy,” according to his website.

Dolphin Productions will bring Solo Circus to the Jacksonville University Kinne Center on Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.

“I tried to look for something that was a little different than just a comedian act,” said Brittany Bush, comedian coordinator for DP. “I wanted to have something interactive and exciting that JU has not really ever seen.”

DuBois has been performing for more than eight years and has had appearances on NBC’s “Tonight Show,” “Jay Leno” and the “Late Night Show with David Letterman.” He has performed at more than 500 colleges and universities across the U.S. Audiences of the Solo Circus can expect an exciting show from DuBois.

“I would go if I can because it’s something I’ve never seen before,” said Sarah Pamplin, sophomore aviation operation and vocal performance major. “I like the circus. I like how it transports you and allows your mind to fly free.”

DuBois became interested in the circus when he was 4-years-old when his grandparents took him to see the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey The Greatest Show on Earth.

“After that, I was in love with the circus,” DuBois said in a 2010 Campus Activities Magazine article. “I went to a Montessori School, which was itself a very hands-on and interactive experience and that trained me to use my hands and dynamic thinking in life.”

DuBois’ one-man show gives him the opportunity to be the ring master, the juggler, the magician and the comedian.

“I think if we can get more attractions to come to our school it will get bigger and better if more people attend,” said Lexy Plummer, sophomore animations major.

“It sounds fun and entertaining. It gives people something to do other than sit in their room or go out to a party.”

Like Plummer, Bush hopes that events like these will help JU embrace their community and have exciting memories on their campus.

“It is important to have events like this on campus to get students involved at JU and to create memorable, exciting experiences,” Bush said. “Events like this will make them want to stay on campus instead of going off of campus for entertainment.”

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