Jaguars Weekend Review: Back To Reality


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Nearly halfway through the 2013 campaign the Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to win a game, to be completely honest, they have yet to compete in a game.

Having been outscored 222-76 in the first seven games, the closest contest was a ten-point loss to the Oakland Raiders. That score is even misleading considering the lone Jags touchdown came against a relaxed defense when the game was all but decided.

An eighteen-point loss to a team that traveled across the country on a short week is mind-boggling.  They fell flat offensively and defensively a week after it looked as though they had, at the very least, found a rhythm.

Fans were excited after they lost to the Broncos on the road, they saw hope. Then the return home also brought a return to reality, this team is not good and has a long way to go.

The makeshift offensive line allowed six more sacks. The defensive line struggled mightily, again. The young secondary failed to stop the passing attack. And the linebackers were a step behind all day.

Quarterback Chad Henne had another 300-yard game, but no touchdowns for the second consecutive week. Maurice Jones-Drew failed to make an impact. The highly anticipated return of tight end Marcedes Lewis proved to be overhyped as he had one target and no catches.  I could go on all day.

The positives, which were lost deep in the shadows of the shortcomings, were there. They are always there.

The wide receiving corps continues to flash as a solid group for the future. Second year man Mike Brown Had his first 100-yard game, including a long of 43 yards. Justin Blackmon had 58 more yards and Cecil Shorts had 80, that’s a good day for the three wideouts.

The field goal unit looked good. Okay, now I am reaching because the good things are hard to see after this one.  I, like many fans, walked away scratching my head and asking what is going on?

When the team first announced they were going to play annually in London there was anger and outcries that this is our team and we deserve every home game to be, well, at home.

This week the feeling is a little different. Many are saying exactly the opposite, we didn’t do anything to deserve to have to watch such a miserable product on the field for home games.

Maybe it’s the humidity, or aroma from the Maxwell House coffee plant, or the glare off the St. John, something causes this team to play bad, horribly bad at home. Hopefully for the Jaguar faithful they only play bad in their true home stadium and will put up a fight against the 49ers because I am not sure that this fan base can take much more.

An 0-16 season is quite possible, and it is getting closer to the point of probable with every game. I have been one of the few that have said there is no way that happens, but I am starting to switch my stance.

If the Jags lose on Sunday an official contest should be started as to what to call the season. The Colts had “Suck for Luck,” maybe the Jags should be “Clowning around for Clowney,” or “Blown out for Bridgewater,” I am sure there are plenty of other creative phrases to come up may be the only fun you’ll have involving Jags football this year.

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