Senior Dance Profile: Jenine Brodeur CJ


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Waiting for change to happen and changes that can happen in a person’s life are all aspects of change that people are faced with on a daily basis. Coming this fall to the senior choreography showcase is a dance piece addressing these two types of change.

Jenine Brodeur, a senior dance major, is working hard creating a choreography piece that has an overall theme of change. Taking two different paths diverging from the theme, Brodeur is using dance as a way to show that in the end success is possible.

From this piece, Jenine was able to utilize personal experiences in her life, to translate into articulate and precise movements. Communicating this message to the dancers in this piece has been a gratifying task.

“I told them my story about a recent breakup that had happened and I felt that I honestly was not going to be able to move on with my life,” Brodeur said. “Ultimately I was able to make it through this change, and I asked my dancers to think of a time they have been in this situation.”

Brodeur was able to pick a cast for her dance piece that she thought would ultimately understand the story that she wanted to tell along with picking dancers who are able to take risks by dancing outside of their normal comfort zone.

“I was going for jagged, fast and corky movements that would help to give my piece more of a dynamic and fun feel,” Brodeur said.

For anyone who attends and watches Brodeurs’ dance piece, they are sure to receive a personal message about change within their personal lives. From the gestures to the music, change will be an evident feature of the selection.

“With my piece I am able to have my message of change to become very transparent in this choreography,” Brodeur said. “Within the piece I am also giving my dancers a selection to tell their own version of the story through improvisations.”

Brodeur is currently working on a name to give her performance. The Senior Dance Showcase will take place on November 21, 22 and 23 at 7:30 p.m.

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