George NFL Predictions


AFC East
The AFC East might be the biggest mess in the NFL this year. You’ve got a team who has traded away its top receiver, a team with one tight end who is possibly facing life in prison and one with a tight end out indefinitely from partying so hard he threw his back out and re-injured his arm; and that’s just the Patriots. Then there are the Dolphins, Jets and Bills.
The Patriots were rocked all summer by constant bad news but Belichick and the “Brady Bunch” always manage to get it together. The Jets seem to continue to find ways to make themselves look like the “rear end” of the NFL but maybe that’s because they’re coached by one and can’t seem to avoid them on the field.
Now the Bills… need I say more? They might have to start an undrafted no-name guy from Washington St who went a whopping 4-21 as a starter. The years of mediocrity at QB just took a turn for the worse, as if it could get any worse.
If the Dolphins can replace Reggie Bush they’ll be the team to beat. They’ve upgraded their defense and gave Tannehill a few more weapons on the offense. The Dolphins will finish 11-5 and take the division crown.
AFC North
This year is FINALLY the year where Cincinnati not only wins the division but gets out of the first round of the playoffs. Their defense should be stellar, the offense has even more weapons with the drafting of Notre Dame standout Tyler Eifert and oh yeah, that AJ Green guy is pretty good.
The defending champs lost too much talent on the defensive side to even put a scare into opponents and now more than ever need “Fluk-o” to be Flacco and live up to the new contract. Pittsburgh still lacks a running back with the injury to La’Veon Bell. Mike Wallace isn’t there anymore and Big Ben is a big box of glass.
I can’t help but feel like I’m forgetting something but Cincinnati will be your division winner finishing the season at 13-3. Oh yeah, the Browns finish last.
AFC South
This is a two team race and if anyone but the Texans or Colts wins this division I will be in shock. Let’s face it, the Jags are still bad. They’re better than they were but they’ve only made it from really bad to bad. The Titans have lost their identity and need to figure out what sort of team they are if that team wants to endure any success.
Now to the teams that matter. Houston needs Foster to stay healthy and for someone to finally help Andre Johnson out in the passing game. JJ Watt is a freak and will continue to anchor that defense. The only thing standing in the way of the Texans taking this division is Andrew Luck and the Colts but could there be a sophomore slump on the horizon? No way, Luck is too good and to be honest luck is usually on his side. Indy takes the division by a game finishing 12-4 but the Texans grab a wild card spot. Look out for a third meeting.
AFC West
The AFC West is the total opposite from the NFC West. On one hand you have a division with four teams who could easily pressure for the division title. On the other you have two teams who stink, one that’ll be much improved and then there’s Peyton and the Broncos.
Not much parody here, the Broncos will take this one by a long shot finishing 14-2. The surprise of the season will be Kansas City going from 2-14 to 9-7 and second place in the West. Andy Reid is a great coach and Alex Smith is THE game-managing QB Andy has always dreamed of.
San Diego and Oakland will battle for the cellar spot of the division but maybe now that Norv Turner isn’t out in San Diego to throw games away the Chargers will put something together. Oakland, keep dreaming.
NFC East
If it weren’t for the NFC West, the NFC East may have been the best division in football as it used to be a few years back.
The Eagles will be better with Chip Kelley but don’t be surprised if this is Vick’s last season in Philly. There’s a good chance Marcus Mariota comes out of Oregon next year and Kelley wouldn’t hesitate to grab him.
The Redskins and “RG-Knee” will take a few steps back with Mike Shanahan being more conservative with the franchises star player. In 2014 you’ll see them return to form but I think 2013 belongs to America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys.
Tony Romo will finally put together a nice record to go along with those numbers he’s been putting up lately on the field. This sets up to be a good year for them with a favorable schedule, a rebuilding Eagles team, an injured RGIII and a mediocre Giants squad. The Cowboys will finish 12-4 to capture the division crown.
NFC North
This division still belongs to the Packers and Aaron Rodgers wants to prove it and he will. Rodgers will lead the Packers to a 13-3 record and continue their reign on top of the North.
Jay Cutler and the Bears will find themselves in the basement of the division with a resurgent Lions team led by Matthew Stafford and Megatron himself, Calvin Johnson. The Vikings will find themselves tied for second with the Lions both finishing 9-7 while the bears sit a game back at .500.
NFC South
Even with the return of Sean Payton, the Saints are not as formidable as they’ve been in years past. This is still Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons division. “Matty-Ice” will lead the Falcons to a stellar 14-2 record with the help from his scary-good receiving core and improved defense.
Cam Newton will have a comeback year and bring the Panthers out of the bottom spot, leaving that up for the Bucs and Saints to battle for.
NFC West
Here comes the hard part. Seattle has added on both sides but will suffer from the loss of Percy Harvin and need to stay healthy on offense. Their defense is scary and the roar of their stadium makes it that much harder to play.
The 49ers return just about everyone on both sides of the ball and added Anquan Boldin, the guy who made some big catches against them in the Super Bowl. Both teams will make the playoffs but I think Seattle will claim the division. I’ve got San Francisco finishing 13-3, dropping a shocker to Jacksonville over in London. Seattle will finish 13-3 as well but get the division title via the tie breaker.
Wild Card
Cincinnati and Denver 1st round bye
Miami vs. Houston
Indianapolis vs. New England
Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati
Miami vs. Denver
Denver vs. Indianapolis
Wild Card
Atlanta and Seattle 1st round bye
Green Bay vs. Dallas
San Francisco vs. Washington
Atlanta vs. Green Bay
San Francisco vs. Seattle
Atlanta vs. Seattle
Super Bowl
Atlanta vs. Denver
Atl – 20, Den – 23