Matthew Kane: JU Alumnus, Board of Trustees Member.


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Welcome new students.  JU is a special place, and all of you have earned the honor of being the newest patrons of our beautiful campus, our brilliant faculty, and our wonderful programs.  I chose those words carefully because you should be proud of your accomplishment.  You worked hard, tested well, applied, were accepted, and then decided that this is the place for you to continue your education.

Now a few words of advice as a former JU student and lifelong JU supporter.  Make JU your home.  Feel comfortable, make friends, meet faculty, and participate in what turns you on.  I arrived at JU as a freshman 15 years ago from Pennsylvania.  Today, I am still living in Jacksonville, enjoying relationships with friends I met my first week at JU, married to a JU classmate, running a successful business with multiple JU employees, cherishing trips I took with JU professors, sitting on the JU Board of Trustees, and excited to go to every JU basketball game this winter.  I made JU my home.  It worked out really well for me.  I truly want it to work out even better for you.  So dive in.  Enjoy the small class size, the cozy campus, and the close proximity to the beach.  Stay focused on education, but recognize that JU is more.  It is learning about who you will be, what you will do, and meeting the people you will do it with.  Above all, have fun and get involved.

Matthew Kane, ’01 Alum
JU Board of Trustees

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