A la Mode: A Glance at the Fashion Industry


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Photo By: Alex McClain

I’ve always been fashion obsessed, but in reality I never knew much about it. As everyone who is avid about something, I learned to do my research. I read fashion magazines, I watched fashion shows and I always tried to be the first one to know about the new trends of the season.

Although I am “book smart” when it comes to fashion, I had no experience, and that’s a fact. The closest I had been to fashion is when I’d have my shopaholic crises. This needed to change.

Jacksonville Fashion Week: It might sound unfamiliar or odd to you but it’s real. New York City, London, Milan and Paris are not the only cities with a fashion week.

Actually it came to my attention that many cities in the United States have a fashion week. Obviously you won’t see Karl Lagerfeld, the creative director at Chanel, at those shows, but what you will find is some amazing emerging local designers.

More than 15 designers had the chance to showcase their talent at the 2013 Jacksonville Fashion Week:

Mel Boteri: Her arts focuses on luxury accessories for both men and women. During the Jacksonville Fashion Show, we had the chance to see her collection in collaborations with Mercedes-Benz USA.

Hutch: Hutch is a state of mind designed by Daniel Saponaro. A special brand for women only, Saponaro discovered the secret of what a woman really wants. He is one of the most down to earth designers that I’ve had the chance to talk to.

Volunteering for the Jacksonville Fashion Week was a great experience. I learned a lot about the inside world of the fashion industry. Moreover, I had the chance to talk to extraordinary fashion superstars.

Knowing that I would be graduating in less than a month, I asked for some tips and career advice to get my foot into the world of Fashion:

New York City: Move to NYC; it’s the best place to start a career in fashion. It is important to know that the first organized fashion week was held in New York. New York City is one of four fashion capitals.

Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom: Fashion is all about glitter, fame and glamour, but not at the beginning. Unless you are really lucky you will have to start small before receiving your VIP parking pass.

Intern as much as you can: Everyone needs help, and rarely you will see someone turning down free help.

– Be informed: Read, read and read, until your eyes get tired. If you are not into fashion magazines than read fashion blogs. Just be sure to stay informed on what is going on in the fashion industry.

For all fashion addicts, I hope that these tips will help you get your start in the industry as well. Personally, I will follow all of the advice and I’ll let you know how it works out for me.

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