Captain's Corner: Philanthropy, and Giving Back


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An alternative title for this editorial could be “Why I’m sitting locked in my office while I hope no one finds me.” As a fraternity man, I get involved with a lot of community service and philanthropy events. Sometimes voluntary and occasionally, extraordinarily involuntarily. My particular fraternity’s biggest event by far is Derby Days. There is a lot that goes into it I won’t bother explaining, but one aspect of it is the four “Derby Daddies” who are required to wear a derby hat all week that rival sorority team members must try to steal to earn points. I thought I wanted to be a Derby Daddy this year as one of the graduating seniors. I thought wrong. Being chased across campus by sorority girls is far more terrifying than I care to admit. That being said, it is all in good fun, and the money raised over the week all goes to support cancer research, which is absolutely fantastic. JU used to have a community service requirement for students to complete before they were allowed to graduate. 50 hours of working in a soup kitchen, helping out at the local library, or even volunteering at the YMCA. Although this graduation requirement is a bit of a roadblock for me, as I still have a few hours to complete so that I can graduate, I still support it and am happy to do them because I know it makes for a better community. Fortunately, the new ECHO program will also involve doing some community service, which I think is great. It is very important to remain civic minded and get involved with different beneficial programs. And while we have a service learning center here on campus, something I don’t see often enough are available service-learning opportunities being advertised. The only ones I can recall are a trip to Disney for some community service and the spring break study abroad opportunities. While these are both very worthwhile opportunities, they also involve a financial commitment, as well as a travel commitment. I think that it would be beneficial for the service learning center to post some other available opportunities to the different message boards around campus. Getting up early on a Saturday morning to serve food to the homeless at a soup kitchen is not my favorite way to spend my weekends, but it is certainly rewarding. Even if you don’t have a community service requirement to fulfill, I suggest taking a trip to the service learning center in Gooding to see what opportunities there are to help out around the Jacksonville community. Some of my favorite places to Volunteer: St. Francis Soup Kitchen Habijax Tree Hill

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