Music Recital: "Cello and Opera"


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Photo By: Jonathan Martel

When she was in the fifth grade living in the suburbs of Denver, the group Opera Colorado brought a few members of their company to perform at her elementary school.

They staged an abridged version of Humperdinck’s “Hansel and Gretel.” At that moment she fell in love with opera.

She went home that night and begged her parents to take her to see a full production.  They went, and the rest was history for Jacksonville University instructor of cello, Shannon Lockwood, Ph.D.

After that trip she and her father got season tickets to the opera. She went to the opera three times a year for eight years.

Those experiences are what inspired Lockwood to perform the March 12 recital, “Cello and Opera.”

“This program consists of music direct from opera, music transcribed from opera, and music inspired by opera,” Lockwood writes in her program notes.

The concert contained nine pieces ranging from artists such as Beethoven and Puccini.

Lockwood took center-stage on the cello with JU associate professor of piano Scott Watkins, Ph.D., on piano and her husband, Jacksonville Symphony double bass player Todd Lockwood.

Lockwood strummed her cello strongly as eloquent notes poured out from the instrument and circulated through the air.

“I have always dreamed of getting out of the pit and being center stage in an opera,” Lockwood writes. “But as a musician with very limited vocal technique my closest opportunity is to compile a program of operatic music for my own instrument.”

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