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Photo Courtesy of: Matthew Martin

From the beaches of Panama to the waterfalls of Costa Rica, spring breakers all around have an ongoing theme to their vacations: fun in the sun. Jacksonville University students have spoken and it seems unanimous, spring break was a complete success.

Spring break 2013 began for most on March 15. Flights were boarded, cars were loaded and JU students began their quest to have a memorable vacation, free from class and assignments. Some students even teamed up with the study abroad program and went on vacations where they were able to travel the world while giving back to children who are in need.

Sarah Willson, junior sociology major, joined other JU students on a service learning trip to Costa Rica where students were able to have fun and also gain service learning hours.

“I was in Costa Rica and had a blast,” Willson said.  “We were able to help a local school, teaching young children different things and reading books to them.  I even got to take a couple art lessons and create very memorable paintings. We also explored San Jose in the afternoon and we ended the visit with a once in a life time zip lining adventure. It truly was the best spring break I have had thus far.”

Some students decided to take another approach to spring break and embark on the stereotypical spring break atmosphere. Brandon Kilburn, freshman accounting major, teamed up with a few other friends and decided to take a trip to Panama City.

“Once I first arrived, I was completely taken back by how amazing the beaches were,” Kilburn said. “It was different actually being able to see through the water and to see ships far in the distance. Not too far down from where I was staying was MTV who had set up a stage in which featured various concerts and spring break contests. It was literally the best experience I had and I met new friends from a variety of schools.”

Tired, relaxation-seeking JU students teamed up to take a trip to the Bahamas on a Norwegian cruise ship. Hasan Oracious, senior geography major, decided to spend his last spring break in full relaxation.

“I planned on going on this trip around four months ago,” Oracious said. “It’s pretty stressful this senior year preparing for grad school and taking the GRE that I literally just needed a break. One of my highlights was that I got to go snorkeling! I have literally found a new hobby. I highly recommend a cruise for any student who is looking to relax on break. My mind is clear and I’m ready to conquer the rest of this semester.”

JU students have found many places in which they are able to relax and have fun in the sun. Finding the next relaxing destination seems to be the task for spring break 2014.

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