Spring Spruce-up Brings Beauty to the Campus


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Jacksonville University brought spring cleaning to campus a little early this year with Spring Spruce Up. The annual event took place on Feb. 22, bringing together students, faculty and staff to help beautify the campus.

The event usually brings students in by offering free t-shirts and food including hotdogs, hamburgers and pasta salad but this year, students seemed to be forming lines at the sign-up tables even before the food was ready.

“I just think it’s a great way to get involved on campus,” freshman, Lara Bushwood said.

In order to help out with Spring Spruce Up, students sign up to be part of a team where they get coordinating bandannas with a specific color that represent which part of campus they will be “sprucing up.”

Starting off in front of Howard, after eating, receiving giveaways and listening to music put on by Discount DJ’s, each student lines up with their color and sets off to their designated areas. Some of the areas included inside the Council Building, on the Science Green and by Davis College of Business.

From noon to 1:30 p.m., the campus could be seen with students and faculty throwing down mulch and fixing grass patches.

“I gave a tour during the time of Spring Spruce Up and people were slightly confused but even more interested in what we were doing on campus,” junior, Brittani Wyskocil said. “I actually think it was good campaigning if some of them were on the fence about whether they were going to come here or not. They saw that we like to take care of our campus ourselves and that puts us above other schools.”

Wyskocil said that on her next tour an hour after the cleaning was done, the prospective JU students were amazed by how beautiful the campus was.

“The work we put into the campus really paid off,” Wyskocil said. “I had one family that kept saying how amazing the scenery was. It just shows you that with hard work and a little help from the whole community that anything can be done.”

Unfortunately, JU was hit hard with rain a few days after the Spring Spruce Up was held, but no serious damage occurred to the freshly manicured grounds.

“Although it rained, the campus still looks a lot better than it did before,” Bushwood said. “The entire event made me remember that the campus is my home away from home and we should all work a little harder to keep it clean and beautiful.”

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