A quintet in Terry

Professors perform Trout in A Major


Reagan Franklin

Scott Watkins, piano, Marguerite Richardson, violin, and Shannon Lockwood, cello, perform “Trout” Quintet in Terry Concert Hall.

On Thursday, March 27, the division of music presented a Quintet in A major Trout. Performers Marguerite Richardson, violin, Peter Dutilly, viola, Shannon Lockwood, violoncello, Todd Lockwood, contrabass, and Scott Watkins, piano, joined together to play music by Franz Shubert.

The concert featured a Trio in B-Flat major, as well as a Quintet in A Major.

“It’s very difficult because it’s between classical and romantic music,’’ said Shannon Lockwood, Ph.D., adjunct professor of cello. “The violoncello parts in particular are very high so it makes it very challenging, so we all have our challenges to overcome,” Lockwood said. “The melodies are so wonderful that it’s just a blast to play.’’

For playing music that was composed by an artist like Schubert, who was just 22 years old when he composed “Trout,’’ the music was built on a symphonic model.

“He wasn’t a string player and didn’t always understand how things fit the hand,’’ said Marguerite Richardson, associate professor of strings. “Piano is sort of five fingers, and string instruments work more on four. On some things, you wish that you had one more finger to make it really work. It’s kind of like the vault in gymnastics. You’re making a run run run, you spring off of the vault, somersault, and you hope that you stick it. That’s Schubert,’’  Richardson said.

Watkins and  Richardson will be travelling to China in the near future. As for the rest of the music division, there will be a Student Recital on April 10 at 7:30 p.m. in Terry Concert Hall. This will be the sixth and final show in the series.