International Love Hits Home


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Photo by Lynn X

Leading television shows like “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” have been one of the main reasons that many high schools and universities are stepping out to promote safe sex.

The International Student Association hosted the event, International Love, outside of the Kinne Center on Feb. 14.  At the event participants were able to spin the bottle for a prize, which was a bag full of candy and safe-sex tips. Students were also given the opportunity to get married, no matter what gender or race.

Among the host of students was a representative from the local Planned Parenthood. The representative provided free condoms and served as an off-campus resource for safe-sex habits.

ISA president, Jairid Pacileo, was the driving force to get this event on campus. He wanted to create an event that was fun for Valentine’s Day as well as educational for students.

“The main goal for me was to promote safe sex but overall we just wanted to have a fun event for Valentine’s Day,” said Pacileo. “Having Planned Parenthood there also provided a resource for students if they had any questions about sex, birth control, etc.”

Though the event was a success with the amount of students that were in attendance, getting the event on campus was not very easy. They had many roadblocks with JU administration to hold the event.

“Unfortunately, due to this being a conservative campus, we had to make sure we were respectful when dealing with issues like promoting free condoms,” Pacileo said. “However, we were told it was a small step in the right direction to helping start conversations about promoting sexual health on campus.”

For more information about safe sex, the student-counseling center located in the Sam Marks Annex is able to provide many brochures on sexual health. Students may also contact Planned Parenthood as an off-campus resource.

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