JU Welcomes Kristie Gover as new Dean of Students


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Photo by Jon Martel

Dr. Kristie S. Gover, who has been apart of the Jacksonville University community for nearly 10 years, has now been promoted as JU’s new Dean of students.

Gover was previously the Dean of Student Development along with holding the title of Director of Student Retention. Gover started working for JU as the Director of Residential Life in June 2003. She was then promoted to the Assistant Dean of Students in May 2005. In 2011, Gover served as the Director of Student Development overseeing the freshmen orientations.

Gover has used her many positions on campus to prepare her as the new Dean of Students.

“Working in residential life aided me in getting a broader picture of what a student’s life is like outside of the classroom” Gover says. “I lived on campus for four years, so I received a great deal of student’s culture.”

Gover is the new replacement of Dr. Bryan Coker, who has been hired as a vice president at Goucher College in Baltimore, Md. Coker and Gover have worked together since 2003, both creating a major impact around the JU campus. She even worked side by side with Coker on important cases, learning from his leadership style.

Gover is delighted about the new president of JU, and some of the changes she intends to make.

“I am really excited about the arrival of President Cost. I think President Romesburg created a great foundation, now it is time to implement some changes. Most importantly, you will start to see more members of student life being more active on campus.”

Gover has served on a variety of committees throughout the campus, aiding to her positive impact. She serves on the Quality Enhancement Plan Committee, the Board of Trustees Student Life Subcommittee and the Common Reading Committee. She has also been one of the leading forces in the creation of the Student Solutions Center.

Along with her honors, Gover received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in higher education administration from the University of Louisville. She received her doctor of education degree from the University of North Florida.

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